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Scranton Gold & Silver Buyers - My Daddy Pays Piles of Cash for Good Things - 105 West Market Street, Scranton
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We Buy Anything! From Coins, Gold, and Watches to Musical Instruments, Tools, and Collectibles.
What We Buy

We Buy Anything!! From Electronics to ATVs - we buy it all! Antique & Brand New - Bring It In!! 570-335-0795

A1 Scranton Gold & Silver Buyers is a family owned and operated business in NEPA. We are cash buyers of all jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, watches, coins, silverware, costume jewelry, antiques, and collectibles. Jewelry and Silver Items can be broken or just unwanted items. We pride ourselves on being honest, friendly, and confidential business. We do not try to get over on our customers. We answer all questions and educate our customers on the process. We deal directly with the refiners, so there is no middle man. Many of our customers come from referrals, so that says a lot! We must be doing something right!! Some people leave to check prices, BUT they always come back. Come see us TODAY!

We will beat anybody's price!!!

DON'T SELL YOUR GOLD UNTIL YOU SEE US! There are many scams out there! There are other buyers that offer super high prices that a honest dealer like us could never pay, Guess why? They use bait & switch, You bring your gold in, and they tell you it's only 10k gold when it's really 14k or 18k, or their scale off in their favor, You just lost money, and that's how they make up for offering high prices. Ask yourself how could a business pay much higher than the normal price and still be in business with high bills like rent, electric, and heat, and still make money to survive? Don't be fooled by the scams. We test & put everything on the city & state certified scale right in front of you!

Scranton's Largest Gold & Silver Buyer!
Item 0 oz. - 5 oz. 5oz. - 50oz. over 50 oz.
10 KT $25.00 $
14 KT $36.00 $
18 KT $41.00 $
22 KT $CALL $
24 KT $CALL $
Sterling flat. $CALL
Price in pennyweight (DWT) based on spot price COME IN FOR UPDATED PRICES!


Host a Gold Party!

Pile of Gold

Have Fun & Make Extra Money!!!

When hosting a gold party, you would invite friends, family, co-workers, or even your neighbors. We can provide invitations if needed. Explain to them that this is not a party to buy gold, but to sell their gold. Also, explain to them that they can bring whatever gold that they have, plus platinum, sterling silver, gold watches, high end watches, coins, silver flatware, and platters. Whatever they have in jewelry items is fine as long as it is not gold-filled.


How it Works

The process is simple. Before we even look and evaluate your friends jewelry, we first enter what the gold spot (gold price) price is that day. That will immediately calculate what you will get for 10, 14, 18, and 24 karat gold along with platinum and sterling silver. By doing this there are no secrets, and if you like, we will take you to a site that shows what it closed for that day. If your gold doesn't have any stones in it, it is just a matter of testing it, then weighing the item(s). Should the item have stones in it such as diamonds, we will also appraise the diamonds, so you get money for those too. We will not deduct the diamond weight that is in the gold. So if for example your item weighs 10.0 pennyweights with the diamonds in it, we will pay you for 10 pennyweights of gold plus the value of the diamonds. The diamond must be over a half of a carat for us to purchase the diamond. The only time that the stones have to be deducted is if they are large, in which case we will ask you if it is ok to remove them, so we get the accurate weight of the gold. What is exciting about the weighing of the gold, is that as soon as we put in the weight, you immediately see how much you are going to get. You can be very surprised that you can make so much with any little of gold that you have. Once everything is weighed, appraised, and valued, if you agree on the price, you will get paid immediately. It's that simple: you bring it in, set it in front of us, we do the work ,and you get the money.


All We Need

We like to get to your home approximately 1/2 hour prior to your party so we can set up with our equipment. All that we ask is that you provide us with a table and sufficient light if you have it. Otherwise, please let us know, and we will bring a bright lamp with us.


The Great Part!

When the event is over, the host (hostess) will receive 10% of the total amount of merchandise that is purchased. For example, should the total volume of merchandise that is bought be $4,000.00, the payout will be $400.00. The total volume that is paid out would also include your own gold if you have any to sell us. So not only would you be getting a percentage on everyone else's merchandise that was bought, but yours too! In addition, if one of your guests should decide to host their own party, you will get 3% of the volume that is bought.

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